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Service-level Agreement (SLA)

We Harsha Infotech provide webhosting, and are bound to the following agreement with all DOMAIN and/or Email HOSTING customers. Any violation is subject to compensation to the customer involved at a value of 1 extra day of service for every hour of downtime above that specified in the ‘Uptime guarantee’ section of this agreement.

Harsha Infotech commits itself to offer an exceptional level of service to all customers. The Web and/or Email hosting SLA guarantees your website and/or Email service availability, reliability and performance. This SLA applies only to live customer websites and/or Email accounts hosted by Harsha Infotech, excluding any websites/Web Projects contained within the Open Sites Web Development Platform (WDP).

This agreement exists for the sole purpose of creating basic rules binding Harsha Infotech and all its Web and/or Email hosting customers. It is part of our guarantee for exceptional service level for as long as you remain our customer

Suitability for General Hosting Requirements Harsha Infotech recognizes the importance of online services in its customers’ businesses, and seeks to offer highly performant, secure and reliable hosting. Our hosting network has been designed and is actively managed to ensure excellence in security and service availability. Our network employs high levels of redundancy to protect customers’ services from interruption through the failure of any single component or connection.

Our standard Hosting Plans are designed to be suitable for hosting of general Business Websites, including eCommerce Websites that require a cost‐effective balance between hosting costs and high levels of service availability and reliability and are not recommended for Mission Critical Applications, Web Hosting and Email Services. Customers who require the highest levels of protection and availability for their Internet services, however, should enquire for details of our Mission Critical Application, Web and Email Hosting services, which include options for cold‐ or hot‐standby disaster recovery sites, and/or for continuous multi‐site mirroring and load balancing.

Uptime guarantee Harsha Infotech has a 99.8% Uptime Guarantee on ALL website and Email hosting plans. Failure to provide this level of service automatically entitles our customer to receive compensation as stated in the first paragraph of this agreement.

In the event of service disruptions caused by unlikely events such as earthquakes, other natural disasters, region or country wide Internet network failures due to complete power loss or any disruptions caused by acts of terrorism or war, Harsha Infotech technical staff will try to restore the normal services as quickly as possible. However, these types of service failures are excluded from the Harsha Infotech Uptime Guarantee.

Network availability is defined as the Company’s network’s ability to pass incoming and outgoing TCP/IP traffic. A server’s unavailability caused by network unavailability is not included in server uptime. Interruptions of service due to problems on the backbone or on the Customer’s portion of the network are beyond the Company’s control and are not included in uptime calculations. Interruptions of service caused by denial of service or similar attacks are beyond the Company’s control and are not included in uptime calculations.

Harsha Infotech is committed Customer support to providing an exceptional level of support for the whole lifecycle of customer website and Email services. Our 24/7/365 Critical Hosting Issues Support Line will be always ready to respond to any critical issues that you might be experiencing with our service. All non critical issues will be responded within our normal business hours; Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 6:00PM IST, excluding any statutory holidays.

Data protection Harsha Infotech addresses customer privacy issues very seriously. Harsha Infotechʹs business success is based on customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising, rather than enticing prospective customers through unlawful and ʺdirtyʺ marketing techniques.

We therefore guarantee not to use or make available any personally identifiable information other than for administering your account and collecting usage statistics in order to improve our products and services For further information regarding how personally identifiable data is used please refer to our Privacy Policy available for review from our website.

Server backups Harsha Infotech engineers make a backup of all websites and applications on all servers on a daily scheduled basis. We highly value your business data and once a week a network‐wide backup is generated to an offsite location.


Harsha Infotech cannot be held liable for damages under any circumstances not specifically identified in this agreement, cannot be held liable for the content or electronic files found on customer websites.

Harshainfotech has implemented security measures designed to protect the Personal Information you share with us, including physical, electronic and procedural measures. Among other things, we offer HTTPS secure access to most areas on our Services. We also regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks, and regularly seek new ways and Third-Party Services for further enhancing the security of our Services and protection of our Visitors' and Users' privacy.

Regardless of the measures and efforts taken by Harshainfotech, we cannot and do not guarantee the absolute protection and security of your Personal Information, or any other User Content you upload, publish or otherwise share with Harshainfotech or anyone else.

We therefore encourage you to set strong passwords for your User Account and avoid providing us or anyone with any sensitive information of which you believe its disclosure could cause you substantial or irreparable harm.

Revisions of this SLA This SLA will be in effect indefinitely but may be superseded by a revised SLA, at the discretion of Harsha Infotech, at any time. All revisions to this SLA will be announced by Email and any major changes to this SLA will be announced by Email at least one month before the change is to go into effect.

If you have any questions regarding the security of our Services, you are welcome to contact us at sales@harshainfotech.com.

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